Our Mission

               “Using a Multimodal approach to revolutionize the way we store renewable energy and distribute power across infrastructure, industry, and transportation.” 
Our Unique Deployment Strategy

In our opinion, it’s time to deploy the technology at hand. With that goal in mind, Substance Power & Mobility seeks investors to develop an innovative technology for a highly flexible, and adaptable, industrial-grade, energy storage and power distribution ecosystem.

The energy storage solution within this hardware ecosystem uses conventional Lithium-ion cells, and was, specifically, designed with high energy density, and ‘stackable’ design in mind, for Transmodal Deployment across different economic sectors, as shown below.

        Infrastructure                              Industry                                 Transportation


Additionally, the energy storage solution within this hardware ecosystem features high power density, and a compact footprint, for Intermodal Deployment between various types of solutions within the same economic sector, as shown below.


 Road Transport         Rail Transport           Ocean  Transport       Air Transport               intermodal

We refer to this type of mixed-use deployment strategy as, Multimodal Deployment.

Please note that the technology, and business strategy, underpinning this initiative has been submitted to the USPTO as a patent application.