A Multimodal Approach to Energy Storage

Warehouse BuildingCan a single energy storage solution address an industrial, an infrastructure and a transportation need, all at once?

We believe the answer is yes! As energy generation from renewable sources continues to gain momentum, prioritizing the deployment of energy storage solutions becomes more critical, as we seek to convert on-site generation into base-load power. In order to address this need, our Mobile PowerBank (MPB) hardware ecosystem has been designed with Multimodal Deployment in mind, to fulfill the following roles:

  • Storing on-site energy generation from a roof-top solar array in an industrial or commercial building.
  • Storing renewable energy from a large, grid-scale, wind or solar project.
  • Being deployed aboard a last-mile transportation solution, as multi-purpose energy storage deposit, to power the traction motors, on-board accessories, or to power external loads in a V2X configuration.
  • Being deployed as the energy storage deposit aboard a forklift, a street sweeper, an ice re-surfacer, a boom lift, or any other type of mobile industrial solution.

One hardware ecosystem designed to satisfy multiple requirements, with the ultimate goal of driving up the economies of scale on cell manufacturing, to lower the cost of energy storage across the board. This is what Multimodal Deployment means to us.



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